Testimonials for ‘Stewart Brody, DDS’

“Every now and then, my friends share concerns about recent visits to their dentist; physical discomfort, inconveniences or a bad experience with a dental assistants or “miscommunications” over payments, appointments or financial arrangements.

I can only SMILE and refer them to Stewart Brody, DDS!  Over the last seven years I’ve learned that the friendly (and of course well trained) staff are really concerned about my overall wellbeing, not just my teeth.

Stewart Brody, DDS runs a first class practice that I recommend to everyone!” – Cathy M

“Highly professional staff. Most advanced technical support and latest dental equipment and materials used in this office. Extreme concern for patient’s comfort. No pain at any time even during surgical intervention. Music played at patient’s request , to encourage relaxation and comfort.” – Sam

“I have been a patient of Stewart Brody, DDS’s since 1987.  He has done fillings, root canals, crowns, implants, Invisalign, tooth whitening & general maintenance.  He was even able to save a back molar for me, when other dentists said that it had to be extracted; and that was 15 years ago.  He is gentle, caring and very friendly.  I would recommend him to anyone.” – Ellen

“When I moved to New York I needed a dentist and when I did the internet search my criteria included cosmetics, and a picture that gave me a friendly first impression. I got that and a lot more when I found Stewart Brody, DDS: The most relaxed, friendly person who happens to be a fantastically knowledgeable dentist. He does it all and is always continuing his education in the profession. I had been researching Invisalign for several years. When I mentioned it to Stewart Brody, DDS he told me all about it and showed me a video on the manufacture process. I was sold, and for a very reasonable price. He made the process easy, provided financing, and was able to tailor the visits to meet my hectic schedule. Six months later, I have perfect teeth and only a few people ever even noticed the aligners. I recommend Stewart Brody, DDS to any who asks.” – Amy Sacchetti

“I’ve been a patient of Stewart Brody, DDS’s for over 10 yrs. During that time he has done veneers crowns root canals etc. Stewart Brody, DDS always tries to make the patient feel relaxed and comfortable. I’ve never felt anxious which I did with other dentists. All work performed by him has been top notch. He’s very meticulous and will never rush to finish a procedure. Ii used to live about 15 minutes from his office. I moved 4 yrs. ago and travel about an hr. to get there now which I wouldn’t do for any other dentist. Bottom line…my mother (who’s 88) just became a patient of Stewart Brody, DDS’s and I wouldn’t have recommended him if I didn’t have extreme confidence in his work. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes in the reception area” – Linda

“I’ve had more dentists than I can remember in my lifetime. But I can honestly say only one or two have been outstanding. Dr. Stewart Brody is one of the standouts. I know little about the technical aspects of dentistry, particularly in today s world where the profession is light years ahead of what it was just a few years back when, as in my case, dentists resorted to extractions as the standard cure for a troublesome molar. A candidate for extensive work everything from whitening and fillings to crowns and implants I came to Stewart Brody, DDS about 18 months ago after surfing the Internet. I m still being treated but the work that I’ve had done this far has been more than worth the frequent trips into Stewart Brody, DDS s comfortable, friendly Great Neck practice. People, my wife included, notice my smile now. But the best testament to the high quality of Stewart Brody, DDS’s work came from another dentist. I had gone to the dentist in the network covered by my dental plan for a cleaning since Stewart Brody, DDS is not in my network. Midway through the procedure, the dentist remarked that whoever had done my implants and crows had done a remarkable job. That was testimony enough for me. Not that I didn’t already know he was doing an outstanding job and saving me money at the same time by fashioning what used to be a bridge into two crowns but it was really reassuring to hear it from someone else in the profession. Stewart Brody, DDS truly has restored my smile, and with it, a lot of self confidence.” – Collin Nash

“I’ve been a patient of Stewart Brody, DDS for twelve years. The two biggest visually impactful changes that have happened in my adult life came from Stewart Brody, DDS s whitening and Invisalign straightening treatments. Many of my friends and clients now tell me how white and beautiful my teeth look.” – Ferdinand

“I have been a patient of Stewart Brody, DDS’s for the last 11 years and my entire family has been going to him as well. Stewart Brody, DDS has done root canals, crowns, as well as regular check ups and cleanings.  Stewart Brody, DDS takes his time and puts in 100% into all the work that he has done. I have also done teeth whitening and as a result of Stewart Brody, DDS’s work I have a beautiful white smile.  Stewart Brody, DDS and his staff are comforting and make the patient feel at ease.” – C. N.