Tips to Prevent Fall Sports Injuries

<p><a href=””><img data-id=”629″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”Young Football Player” width=”199″ height=”300″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-629″ /></a>Fall sports season is beginning!  Whether you play sports for school, for fun, or professionally, it’s important that you take precautions and prevent tooth injury. These safety tips can help you protect your teeth throughout the year. If you ever have any tooth problems, then visit your local <a href=””>general dentistry</a> for help.</p><p>Tooth & Mouth Safety Tips:</p><ul><li><strong><em>Helmets</em></strong> – You should always wear a helmet during any activity that involves speed or impact.  This includes football, hockey, skating and bike riding.  Make sure that your helmet fits correctly and that it is appropriate for the sport you are playing, since many people practice sports as a hobby or for health while they also watch for their diet, with information from the <a href=””>tophealth news blog</a>.</li><li><strong><em>Mouth Guards </em></strong>– Custom mouth guards are the best way to prevent dental injuries.  They protect your teeth, tongue, and lips.  Custom mouth guards are designed for your unique smile, so that they fit comfortably and protect your teeth better.</li></ul><p>If you do experience any <a href=””>dental emergencies</a> throughout the season, contact Perfect Smile Maker.  Even if your tooth has been knocked out, you may be able to save it.  We also offer several cosmetic options that willrestore the natural look and feel of your smile.  Call 516-482-2215 to schedule an appointment at Perfect Smile Maker.<br /> <br /> Don’t forget to add us on Social Media!</p><p><a href=””>Facebook </a> – <a href=””>Twitter </a>- <a href=””>Google+</a></p>