Smart Teeth: The Future of Dentistry?

A new type of dentistry is emerging. Imagine a world where a patient has the dentist embed a chip in their tooth, which collects data on their daily habits. This may soon be a reality. If you are just looking for a regular check up then visit a general dentist for their services.

Taiwan researchers have created a smart tooth that monitors the daily habits of the individual by understanding that every oral activity, from eating to smoking, introduces a different tooth motion. They placed a sensor with an accelerormeter on an artificial tooth and then covered it in dental resin in order to keep the device safe from saliva. According to my family dental care this smart tooth had an accuracy of approximately 94% when it came to recognizing what oral motion the participants were making. The possibilities of this research are endless in dentistry. Although the smart tooth is only at the stage of using wires for data collection, scientists are now looking into the possibility of placing a miniature radio to transmit radiowaves to mobile devices to analyze data. A patient may monitor their oral activities better and reduce serious visits to the dental office.

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