The straightening of teeth, with clear braces is now possible with Invisalign. It is an invisible way of orthodontically treating your teeth to give you the beautiful smile you have always wished for. The treatment involves a series of invisible, removable, easy to wear aligners that are hardly noticeable. These aligners are almost invisible, and you can smile more confidently, even while wearing them. This way of treating irregular teeth is proven effective and is available in our office. It could not be easier to get started with instahard treatment.

In fact, you can contact us now to be on your way to straighten your teeth and getting the perfect smile that you have always wanted.
Step 1: The Diagnostic Visit. The initial consultation will be with Dr. Stewart Brody, who will be evaluating, assessing, and discussing with you the treatment best suited to your condition. Impressions of your teeth, photographs and x rays will be taken, and will be sent to Invisalign for further diagnosis.
Step 3: Invisalign fabrication of the series of aligners. Invisalign makes use of the advanced 3-D computer imaging technology (clin check) that helps to convert your bite impressions into a series of clear and removal aligners, customized to your bite impressions.
Step 5: You will be wearing your aligners. After you get your aligners, you need to wear them about 22 hours a day for about 2 weeks. You can remove them only to eat, floss, and brush. This treatment can take less than a year to complete. During your invisalign braces treatment, you will need to visit Stewart Brody, DDS, DDS on regular intervals.
Step 2: Consult. After invisalign returns a digital representation of your teeth, and a visible representation (clin check) of the entire treatment and it’s results, you will have an accurate estimate of the length of time of the treatment and it’s cost.
Step 4: You will receive your clear and removable aligners in a few weeks&amp. After designing a custom-made series of aligners, Dr.Brody will provide you with the first set of clear aligners.
You will most likely receive a few additional sets that you need to wear for two weeks each, before you make the next appointment.

Step 6: Your treatment is finished!

After you have worn each set of aligners in the series, you will be completed with your treatment. If you are not completely satisfied, refinement aligners will be made. You will have straight teeth and the beautiful smile that you have always wanted.