What Do Dental Implants Treat

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Dental Implant

What are dental implants used to treat?

Dental implants are generally the best treatment option available for missing teeth. However, dental implants can be used to treat other conditions such as locally diseased gums, problematic/damaged teeth, they are a common alternative to root canal failure, traumatic facial injuries, or congenital dental defects.

Four common problems, and how they can be effectively solved:

Missing one
A tooth and its roots are missing. A dental implant and ceramic crown becomes the permanent replacement.

Missing several
Three teeth and their roots are missing. A fixed bridge anchored on dental implants gives optimal strength.

Missing all
All teeth and roots in the lower jaw are missing. Dental implants provide enough stability to carry a full fixed bridge.

Improve existing
A front tooth has been damaged. A new ceramic crown is used for the best esthetic result.

Dental Implants are a great alternative to traditional treatments for missing teeth and related oral disorders that just about everyone is eligible for. Make your appointment to visit Stewart Brody, DDS today to find out if Dental Implants are the right option for you.