Tooth Whitening Long Island

Teeth whitening has been gaining popularity throughout recent years due to increases in teeth whitening technologies. Teeth whitening is able to produce immediately visible results and is more cost effective than other cosmetic procedures. Many of your living habits can affect the color of your teeth.  Drinking too much Coffee, tea or soda over time can stain your teeth. Additionally, smoking or chewing tobacco can also stain your teeth. Sometimes, simply aging and all the stresses your teeth go through can stain your teeth.  Teeth whitening solutions available from Stewart C. Brody DDS. will ensure you get back your precious smile, helping you look and feel years younger.

We use new gentle peroxides designed for dental bleaching to safely brighten your teeth. Our special teeth whitening service in Nassau County, Long Island, New York incorporates personalized service leaving you satisfied for years to come. Bleaching whitens all of your natural teeth giving you a dazzling your mile. In many cases, even years of darkening can be removed in as little as a few weeks. It is also a great idea to undergo teeth whitening before having crowns or veneers made. This way your restorations can be made whiter and your entire smile will be enhanced. 

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Tooth Whitening Long Island

“After chipping my teeth roller blading, I was worried that I might need major dental work. Boy, was I relieved when my dentist restored them in one short visit.”
Tooth Whitening Long Island

“None of the brightening products I bought even came close to the professional teeth whitening my dentist provided. It was painless, fast and I love the result.”

Advantages of Tooth Whitening 

  • Immediately visible results
  • Improvement in your overall confidence and appearance
  • Long lasting 
  • Significant savings on this procedure compared with other cosmetic procedures

We will begin with a comprehensive oral examination that includes panoramic X-rays. This exam determines the status of your teeth, fillings or restorations, and the health of your gums. If most of your teeth are natural bleaching may be the quickest, most comfortable, and most inexpensive method to improve your smile. Wouldn’t you like to have whiter, brighter teeth? Ask us if whitening is a solution for you.

Contact us now to arrange for a quick and effective professional teeth whitening service from Stewart C. Brody DDS serving Nassau County, Long Island, Great Neck, Manhasset, Roslyn, New Hyde Park, Port Washington, Mineola, Albertson, Glen Cove, Greenvale and the surrounding areas for over 27 years.