Cosmetic Dental Fillings

;Great Neck, Nassau County, Long Island Dentist, In the last few decades, the common method used to repair teeth includes the use of fillings done with amalgam (silver) or restorations done with gold. However, in this era of technology, modern equipment and techniques have been developed. Using these modern techniques, restorations of teeth can be completed with white fillings to give you a naturally beautiful appearance. There are a number of cosmetic dental fillings presently available on the market. The process to be used for any particular patient depends upon the difficulty of the case, tooth location and cost.

Direct Composite

;In the simplest form, tooth colored dental fillings are termed “Composite resins.” Using a compound of quartz resin, these fillings are life like, and have a light sensitive agent. These elements make the composite extremely cosmetic. They can be efficiently used in both front and back teeth. To match the natural color of your teeth, the material used in this procedure comes in various shades. Keeping in mind the chewing habits of people, many composite materials have been designed with toughness to withstand the force exerted while chewing on back teeth.</p><p>There are various steps involved in the process of securing a filling material to any of your teeth. First, it is necessary to remove the decay and prepare the tooth. Second step is to condition, the tooth. Once the process of  dental implants in high point nc is completed, a thin layer of clear resin is applied which bonds to the treated surface. After this, a tooth colored resin is bonded. It is due to the incredible bond strength that these fillings have, that they have become a preferable choice, and you can eat right after placement.

Indirect Composite/Porcelain Inlay

A porcelain or composite Inlay is the second type of dental filling that is also referred to as a cosmetic filling. It is the best suited option for back teeth, when the primary concern is aesthetics. In order to give composite or porcelain inlays a longer life and to increase their strength, they are commonly fabricated in laboratories. The procedure is similar to that of composite resins. Usually, two visits are required to complete the procedure, but it is well worth the time and expense. We hope that, this was beneficial in answering your questions pertaining to white fillings. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the office to schedule a free consultation. 

Dental Filling Benefits

They are barely noticeable, as the color and material used is matched to the natural color of your teeth.</li><li>In contrast to amalgam fillings, a smaller portion of tooth structure is removed. They are highly resistive to fracture and have great strength to withstand chewing. A good alternative for people who are allergic to metals.They are safe and do not contain mercury